Employment Opportunities

Employment Philosophy

The Center seeks to hire scholars and practitioners with exceptional credentials who have the vision, capability and desire to serve in the nation's premier terrorism research organization.

Job Opportunities

Full time Positions: When a full time position becomes available, it will be featured here. The Center conducts hiring on an irregular basis so please check this page for updates. All positions will also be featured on USAjobs.gov.

Sorry, there are currently no Job listings.

CTC Internships

Internships & Research Assistantships: The Center frequently has opportunities for those interested in Internships or Research Assistantships. When a position or project becomes available we will post a brief description of the research agenda or internship with specific details about responsibilities and instructions on how to apply.

Sorry, there are currently no Internship listings.

Post Doctoral Opportunities

Post Doctoral Research Opportunities: The Center seeks to provide post-doctoral to select individuals pursuing advanced research on terrorism or counterterrorism issues. When available, these positions will be funded on an annual basis and will provide research and travel funding in addition to competitive compensation.

Sorry, there are currently no Post Doctoral Opportunity listings.