Harmony Program


The CTC launched the Harmony Program in 2005 in order to release and analyze documents from the Department of Defense’s Harmony database. The focus of this program is to contextualize the inner-functioning of al-Qa’ida, its associated movement, and other security threats through primary source documents. Harmony products released by the CTC are always accompanied by an analytical report and the primary source material from which its conclusions are based. By releasing this material, the CTC aims to make these sources, which are captured in the course of operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and other theaters, available to other scholars for further study.

While captured documents offer unique insight into al‐Qa`ida’s decision-making process they are most valuable when contextualized with information drawn from other sources.  Scholars and practitioners should be aware that analyzing such data is fraught with risk.  Documents in the Harmony database were collected on the battlefield unscientifically.  There is no way to know how representative documents captured by U.S. forces are of the larger body of information produced by al‐Qa`ida or other insurgents. Likewise, the vast database in which they are stored is imperfect and virtually impossible to search systematically.  Readers and researchers should therefore be wary of conclusions drawn from Harmony documents alone.

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NMEC-2007-638026 Communiqué from al-Qa`ida in the Land of the Two Rivers to Inspire Jihad (Original Language)

This document is a communiqué from al-Qa`ida in the Land of the Two Rivers to the members of the Islamic community, aimed at inciting them to join the jihad against the Americans and the Iraqi government. The author begins his letter by bringing attention to the state of affairs in al-Fallujah. He questions the reader…

NMEC-2007-637951 Threatening Communiqué from al-Qa`ida in the Land of the Two Rivers (Original Language)

This document is addressed to the members of the tribes Albu-Farag, Albu-Ayesha, Albu-Fahed, Albu-Obyed, Albu-Baly, Karttan, Albu-Huziem, Alkarablah, Almalahama, and Albu-Souda, who the author claims, are standing in the way of jihad by preventing the placement of bombs on the main roadways. If they do not cease in their effort, the author claims that they…

NMEC-2007-657964 Muhammad Bin-Sabah Muhammad al-Husi Martyrdom Pledge (Original Language)

This is the front of a handwritten and fingerprinted pledge and agreement by Muhammad Bin-Sabah Muhammad al-Husi stating that it is his personal desire to enter Iraq to conduct a suicide operation, to listen and obey the commanding leaders and, in case of change of decision, that he owes the organization nothing except to get…

NMEC-2007-657495 Income, Expenditure, Salary Report (1) (Original Language)

This document is a financial report for an unspecified time period. The financial report details incoming and outgoing funds in U.S. dollars and Syrian lira. Entries include donations, weapons, salaries, maintenance and other expenditures.

NMEC-2007-657908 PI for 2 Suicide Bombers and 1 Fighter (Original Language)

This document is personal information for 3 individuals. Each one of them provided the following information: their real names, alias, country of origin, phone numbers, personal belonging, donations the made, and what will be their work in Iraq (fighter or suicide bomber).

NMEC-2007-657928 PI for 3 Individuals (Original Language)

This document is an administrative template that carries detailed personal information for foreign fighters who wished to join the Islamic State of Iraq. It is headed with the title “Personal Information of the Immigrants,” and stamped with the stamp of “The Islamic State of Iraq.” It carries several questions that needed to be answered by…

AFGP-2002-800597 Abu Hafs Report on Operations in Somalia (Original Language)

Abu Hafs submits a report on al-Qa`ida operations in Somalia, Kenya, and Djibouti, and lists budget needs. According to Abu Hafs, Luuq camp has a great location, but is short on many supplies. The situation in the Ogaden region, currently under the purview of Saif al-Islam, is going well, but needs money. The Kenya office…

AFGP-2002-600178 Al-Qa`ida’s Structure and Bylaws (Original Language)

This document is a lengthy bureaucratic document that outlines the goals of al-Qa`ida, organizational procedures, bylaws, position descriptions, benefits, and allowances. The goals al-Qa`ida outlined in the document include: spreading jihad, preparing and training qualified Muslim personnel for jihad, supporting local jihadi movements around the world, and coordinating jihadi movements so as to create a…