We Teach

Cadet Education

The Combating Terrorism Center's Cadet Education Program prepares West Point cadets for the uncertainties they will face on the front lines against terrorism and violent extremism through its robust and rigorous curriculum. The Center also is committed to providing the future leaders of our military with valuable experiences beyond the classroom including opportunities to meet with senior policymakers and intelligence officials, participate in summer internships at agencies such as the National Counterterrorism Center, Department of State and the opportunity to study abroad.

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Counterterrorism Practitioner Education

The Combating Terrorism Center is the largest provider of counterterrorism education to federal, state, and local government in the United States. From assisting FDNY leadership with an 11 week graduate seminar, to educating every new special agent at the FBI, to working with Joint Terrorism Task Forces across the nation; the Combating Terrorism Center remains committed to an educational model that promotes interagency, multijurisdictional training events. Since defeating terrorist threats depends on a unity of effort, it is imperative that our programs not only provide relevant information but also strengthen professional networks and collaboration between multiple stakeholders.

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